AgTerra Solutions: Pesticide Recordkeeping

AgTerra Solutions: Pesticide Recordkeeping


Recording spray applications has never been easier!

Government regulations of today make pesticide recordkeeping as a critical as ever. Whether it’s guidelines set forth NISIMS, NPDES, WPS or another regulation, consumers like transportation departments, government agencies, utilities, and the energy industry require precise, accurate accounting of chemical applications.

AgTerra’s powerful spray tracking equipment paired with an integrated map viewer and complete reporting system allows businesses to automate data recording and more, delivering professional results that will set a business apart from the rest.

Are You Missing The Entire Picture?

Four key factors solved with detailed pesticide application mapping and reporting:


Spray and no-spray lines are automatically mapped and tied to application reports.


Select from custom built tank mixes that breakout to individual chemicals in automated reports.


Real-time, live time stamps are automatically assigned to start and stop times on maps and reports.


Every drop of applied chemicals is tied to automated mapped spray lines and reports.

Put it All Together with AgTerra

With the AgTerra SprayLogger product line, you get an easy to use tool that captures a level of data you could not collect with pen and paper alone.




SprayLogger from AgTerra is the easy and affordable GPS tracking and data logging solution for all pesticide applications ranging from backpack applications to high volume and hy-rail spray trucks. SprayLogger records and maps chemical applied from up to 12 discharge points or nozzles. AgTerra’s MapItFast app acts as the mobile dashboard, giving the applicator a live moving map display during the spray job.

Lightning Fast Mapping and Reporting

MapItFast is a powerful web-based and mobile application that can be used on an Android smartphone or tablet to quickly gather points, lines, polygons and geotagged photos. Map objects may be placed using the device’s built-in GPS or by drawing it on the map. MapItFast works without an Internet connection and any data collected offline gets synchronized with a private online mapping dashboard when the device returns to a connected environment.  The app can be used on its own or alongside SprayLogger, making it an ideal solution for collecting spatial data related to weed inventory and control.

Collect More Than Just Spray Data

Along with collecting application data through SprayLogger, MapItFast collects any other relevant data with Strider forms. These forms are totally customized to a business’ needs and can be used to replace forms that are typically filled out with pen and paper. When a form is attached to a map object, the data is automatically synchronized with a private Strider database. From there, the data can be sorted, exported to a variety of formats or generated as a custom report. AgTerra offers several pre-built weed inventory and pesticide application forms that can be modified to fit the specific data collection needs of a business.

Affordable Application Tracking

When used independently from SprayLogger, MapItfast and Strider can provide an affordable alternative to automated application tracking. The MapItFast app allows the user to place points, lines and polygons associated with a treatment and Strider forms can be filled out with the where, what, why information required for herbicide recordkeeping. Completed records can be viewed and shared through the Strider dashboard.

The All-in-One System

When used together, SprayLogger and MapItFast give businesses a complete system for tracking and recording day-to-day operations. Some examples of how MapItFast is used by companies include:

  • Real-time location tracking to streamline operation
  • Before and after assessments and reporting
  • User-specific projects set up through an advanced permissions system
  • Field data integration with existing databases and GIS

Forms and Objects Come Together

Eliminate paperwork while mapping at the same time. Points, lines and areas are instantly linked to any forms attached to them.

Simple Export to KMZ and SHP File Formats

Data collected in MapItFast can be exported and shared in database- or GIS-compatible formats.

Easily Create Custom Forms in Excel with Templates

Strider can be used for anything that requires a form, not just herbicide applications. Use forms to record weed infestations, safety checklists, or even to generate invoices at the office.

Quickly Calculate Area and Distance in Real-Time

MapItFast automatically captures line length and polygon area when an object is drawn. Forms may be set up to perform a variety of other calculations as needed.

Simple Form Features for Quick Field Entry

Make forms easy to use with features like skip logic, filtered lists and lookup tables to pre-fill data fields.

Create Custom Maps and Save for Offline Use

Built-in basemaps can be cached for offline use or custom basemaps can be built and used in the app.

Custom Solutions for Your Needs

AgTerra understands that businesses and customers sometimes require a more customized approach to pesticide recordkeeping. Our MapItFast and SprayLogger solutions are designed to gather data in the easiest manner possible while at the same time remaining flexible and scalable. Contact AgTerra to learn how to add custom parameters and reporting to any job.

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