Rangeland Management Solutions

Rangeland Management Solutions


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Rangeland monitoring solutions from AgTerra give users the data tools to measure and quantify the impact of land management practices.

AgTerra’s Rangeland Management modules base their structure on the Wyoming Rangeland Monitoring Guide. The system of modules streamline data collection, management and report generation to help users analyze and better understand how conditions, events and management can influence rangeland conditions over time.

Discover How Rangeland Changes Over Time

Establish the Baseline

Store Data Permanently

To determine whether progress is being made toward objectives, it is important to permanently store data over time to analyze changes. AgTerra’s rangeland modules help you establish a baseline and measure changes in plant community composition, cover, structure and soil resource conditions that occur over time. Field observations and maps are permanently warehoused in your private online account.

Use GeoPhotos

Geophotos are shown on maps and within electronic forms to help you visualize changes in plant community composition, cover, structure and soil resource conditions to observe short and long term trends at the same location.

Rangeland Modules for MapItFast

AgTerra’s rangeland modules work in combination with MapItFast in even the most remote environments. No cellular data or Internet connection is necessary. Data collection and reporting is simplified.

A user’s smartphone or tablet becomes a GPS data collection device that quickly maps points, lines, polygons and captures geotagged photos. One or many rangeland management forms can be attached to any mapped object; mapped data and forms are automatically synchronized to a cloud account that is accessible on any Internet browser by users with the proper permissions. Authorized users may export the data for use in other database and GIS systems and/or create printable reports and maps that include photos, signatures, business logos and more.

Multiple Rangeland Assessment Forms Available

AgTerra’s rangeland management forms have been developed using standards set forth by the Wyoming Rangeland Monitoring Guide, 2008 edition. The following forms are available:

    • Site Information
    • Cover by Lifeform
    • Cover by Lifeform Transects
    • Permanent Photo Point
    • Landscape Appearance
    • Grazing Response Index
    • Stubble Height
    • Greenline/ Streamline Stability
    • Robel Pole Method
    • Monitoring Study Worksheets
    • Cover Frequency
    • Transect Forms

AgTerra’s rangeland mobile forms and reporting solution replaces paper forms and delivers more accurate data, streamlined workflow and automated reporting. The forms include features such as conditional logic, pick lists, counters, lookup tables, autocomplete fields and repeat groups to enable quick and accurate data entry. Key features of the Rangeland Management Module include:

      • GPS and map drawing
      • Geophotos, drawings and photo markup
      • Numerous form controls including skip logic, autocomplete, lookup, custom pick lists, repeat groups and more
      • Printable reports with photos, drawings, signatures, logos and more
      • Advanced user permission controls
      • Geographic and tabular data export including shapefile, KMZ, CSV, MDB and more
      • Online or offline operation


Flexible and Scalable

Because Every Operation is Unique

The Rangeland Management Module is flexible and scalable. All input forms and reports can be used as-is or modified to meet your unique requirements. AgTerra can also assist with creating detailed summary reports that deliver powerful data analysis compiling records and identifying trends. A free REST API is available for users who want to automatically upload data to a pre-existing database system. This feature enables users to take advantage lower cost devices and easier data collection while maintaining an investment in existing systems.

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