Strider Features

Strider Reporting
collect and report without boundaries


Advanced Smart Forms
that Include Printable Reports

Strider is unlike other electronic based forms software.  Beside containing numerous features to handle even the most complex data collection requirements, Strider includes printable reports at no additional cost.  Strider’s data collection tools simply data input and work with lookup tables to automate data filling.   The printable reports link data inputs to PDF documents with logos, maps, photos, signatures and more that may be printed or emailed.

Furthermore, because Strider is included free with MapItFast, you can use the convenience of forms to collect information in your maps for point, line, polygon and geophoto map objects.  Sending the data in is automatic and so are updates to forms and lists.

Below is a detailed list of Strider features.



Web and/or mobile
Automated within MapItFast Intelligent attribution
Simple and/or advanced data collection
Offline data capture
Well developed online data management tools
API available Interface with ArcGIS geodatabase and others
Free form designer Using Excel or generic online form builders
Free report designer Online WYSIWYG
Multiple templates
Printable reports Include maps, photos, sketches, signatures
Synchronized transfer, cloud storage
Summary reporting available
Data Collection Types
Text entry short or long answers
Numeric entry integer, decimal
Date/ Time select or auto capture
Drop-downs rolls a list of choices
Radio/Checkbox selects single and multiple choice; within a page or as a pop-up
Photos, drawings & markup uses a device’s built-in camera; photo markup optional
Freehand sketch for adhoc drawings
Cascading select values
GPS uses built-in or Bluetooth GPS
Signatures using finger or stylus
Voice and handwriting input
Data Gathering Tools
Device data retrieval
Mobile and/or web forms one design
Free form designer Excel based
Fill form via mapping add forms to any object on a map
One or multiple questions per page data entry flexibility
Validation minimize data errors, assure reasonable responses
Auto-populate based on a previous selection or entry
Auto-advance go to next page without using swipe or page advance
Section labels keeps users informed on locations within a form
Repeatable Sections/ Subforms gather individual information for items/questions within a group
Filtering/ Conditional lookups filter datasets based upon other data in a form
Offline lookup tables access records while in the field
Skip logic Guide users to different areas in a form when answering questions
Business rules/ relevance
Calculations automate math operations including complex statistical calculations
Values from answers useful for calculating responses in surveys
Timestamps form monitoring purposes and audit trails
Embed hyperlinks include hyperlinks in forms for referencing
Data Management
Repeat groups
Data handling via web broswer view, query, sort, filter, edit, export
Arrange data columns
Database export XLS, CSV, MDB, XML, SHP, KMZ
Form versioning implement last form versions without interuption
Live data selection updating Change entries for drop-downs, checkboxes and radio buttons for remote users
Remote form distribution Manage distribution of forms to everyone from one lcoation
Secure SSL 256 encrypted data transmission
User level provisioning Control edit, view, contribute and delete access to forms, records and reports
Audit trails Record updates to data entries and forms
Unlimited forms Create multiple forms for multiple users and groups
Unlimited reports Generate different styles of reports for the same records
WYSIWYG online visual editor Word style editing, drag-n-drop data fields
Customizable logos, photos, markups, embedded maps, tables, signatures, fonts, colors
Include repeat tables in report
Printable PDF, Doc
Emailable auto-email PDF with custom subject and message from the field
Summary reports with charts Optional. Consolidate from 1 or many forms.  Automate on time interval.
Templates Most available for free or design your own